Bug reports - correct spot?

In posting a message about a coding bug I found, I noticed that the only choices listed in the “Category” drop-down box are “Questions”, “Feature Requests” and “Site Feedback”. Wouldn’t a category for “Bug Reports” be an appropriate category? Or are we suppose to report bugs via a different mechanism than this forum site?

In “Questions” is the correct spot to escalate any findings. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Bryan-Square

I’m kind of hijacking this topic and I apologize for doing so. But it seems like it’s kind of “closed” so I think better here than somewhere else.

Site feedback: I have no idea what is going on, but for some strange reason I cannot post a new topic. I see others recently creating new topics but I cannot, for some reason. I’m trying to ask a question in the “Questions” section but it’s doing the following when I click “Create Topic”:

-A big primarily white screen with the top nav bar showing and a grey spinning circle in the middle
-The URL changes to developer . squareup . com /forums/t/topic/undefined (without the spaces)

And that is it. It will not actually post my topic. I’ve left it sitting for like 10 minutes and nothing changes. EDIT: I should also say it’s been like this for like 2 days now.

Have any idea what is going on?

Thank you

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. What browser are you using. Also are there any console errors if you inspect the page? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for getting back to me @Bryan-Square

Not sure what was changed (if anything) but since I posted that there was a problem, something changed and I was just able to create my new topic👍

I didn’t think of checking if there were console errors while submitting the topic unfortunately, but I just checked now and there are none (but my post went through so that makes sense). I’m also using Microsoft Edge (v109).

In any case, if something was done I much appreciate the fix so I could post my question🙂. If nothing changed, then that is just very odd lol