Big transaction process delay on 8.2 evening

We saw a big delay yesterday on 8.2 around 6:30 PM to 7:09PM CDT.

Our team focus on Square integration: our clients make orders on Square POS, then we use webhook to obtain the events and do more things in our own server. The big delay seriously affected one of our clients yesterday, the customer made order on Square POS as 6:30 pm. But the transaction finished its process and appears on Square dashboard at 7:09. We really want to know what happened at that time, since online order worked fine, other clients didn’t have that happen.

Our company persuade business owner use Square product. This issue almost destroyed client’s trust on Square POS and us. Can you please check the reason of this delay for us please?

The customer receipt id: Vey2DVqPnVsVgAqbbZ0ZgP6UvaB
Source: Register
Payment start: Aug. 2, 2020 6:30 pm
Payment end: Aug. 2, 2020 7:09 pm

All of our internal logs for Vey2DVqPnVsVgAqbbZ0ZgP6UvaB show it wasn’t created until 7:09 PM, not a single log before that. However, I do see on the internal object that the created_at client_date was marked as 6:24 PM CDT. Since the logs didn’t show up until 7:09, usually this suggests that the device was offline, and didn’t reconnect to around 7:09 PM and that’s when it got pushed to Square’s servers.