BatchUpsertCatalogObjectsAsync Error

I am executing the following API call

BatchUpsertCatalogObjectsResponse result = await client.CatalogApi.BatchUpsertCatalogObjectsAsync(body);

and getting the following error

Object `#I7HPKN5FTG73GYUT2LLUMHB5` of type ITEM_FEE_MEMBERSHIP is enabled at unit `LK13S89C800DP`, but the referenced object with token `KMBSD6XWB2X27FUFVIX3LGYA` of type ITEM is not.

I am trying to add new products to a new store. Can someone please advice me on what is causing this and how to fix it?


It looks like item KMBSD6XWB2X27FUFVIX3LGYA isn’t enabled at location LK13S89C800DP but the you were trying to enable tax for that item at that location. :slightly_smiling_face: