Automatically Charge ACH Bank on File Functionality

Our system needs to create an Order via the Square Orders API. Then, create and publish an Invoice for that order ID via the Square Invoices API in order to accept ACH payments. It needs to utilize BANK_ON_FILE as the automatic_payment_source, and the accepted_payment_methods will be set as {“card”: false, “square_gift_card”: false, “bank_account”: true}. We need Square to automatically charge (via ACH) the customer’s bank account on file on the invoice due_date.

Our client (the Square merchant) has Square customers with recurring monthly payments, and line items and amounts can vary monthly. The client has authorization from their Square customers to charge variable amounts via ACH from the bank, routing and account number provided by each customer. Our system generates a Square order with the correct line items monthly to be automatically charged on the first of the next month. Payment calls to charge the card on file work well to accomplish this automation via Square’s API, and we need similar functionality with ACH as the payment source.

It seems automatic invoice payments (and calls in the Payments API) via ACH using bank info on file for recurring invoices that can have variable line items and totals due is not currently available using the API. Does an alpha or beta test group exist that is allowed access to this functionality?

Thank you for your help!

:wave: Currently, as you mentioned bank account on file to process payments like a card on file with varying amounts each month isn’t currently available. This is a very popular feature request and we hope to have more options for you soon, so thanks for your continued patience. :slightly_smiling_face:

Automatically Charge ACH Bank on File available when creating an invoice?