App Fee Money with Checkout API - createPaymentLink

I am using the following in a Square sandbox setting. How can I be assured that this is applying the correct intent - Pay merchant via Main Location ID and apply a application fee. When I view the sandbox transactions it is not clear that this is being applied. Where can I access the split amounts in a Sandbox environment?

const response = await squareClient.checkoutApi.createPaymentLink({
idempotencyKey: crypto.randomUUID(),
order: {
locationId: merchantLocationId,
lineItems: orderItems,
referenceId: orderId
checkout_options: {
app_fee_money: {
amount: parseInt(orderDeliveryPrice * 100, 10) + parseInt(orderServiceCharge * 100, 10),
currency: ‘GBP’
redirect_url: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

At this time there isn’t a Dashboard view to see a breakdown of the app_fee_money. You will have to use the Payments API to see the fee’s that go to the Developers Account. :slightly_smiling_face: