API to get receipt contents, consumer-facing/non-merchant-facing

I’m developing a small (read: used by family & friends) web application to manage personal expenses, and would like to add the ability for users to upload receipts emailed to them from Square. It’s easy enough to read the HTML from a forwarded email to get the merchant, purchase date, and total, but because Gmail changes class names when an email is forwarded, it’s harder to parse out individual items. (Getting items from the original email is easy, because the table tag class names have a nice pattern.)

That said, it’d be much more elegant to call an API to get this information. E.g., one of my receipts is https://squareup.com/r/arZs00XpxHj9F32FfVhhqgkHw7uaB. It’d be great to pass arZs00XpxHj9F32FfVhhqgkHw7uaB as the argument to the API and to get out a JSON of total, items, tax, etc.

Is this or something like it possible if I don’t myself process square transactions?

Thanks in advance!

At this time the ability to get receipt details as a customer from our APIs isn’t currently available. You would need to be authorized by OAuth from every seller you purchase from which isn’t scalable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it—and makes sense. Thanks, @Bryan-Square. If you have any suggestions for reading in the receipt HTML, I’d be grateful, but I’m already glad to know that I at least hadn’t overlooked an easier API-based solution.