Anyway to get device_id within application

Hi ,
I am creating an app that will work with square Api which will sit on the merchant’s. Our backend will be listeining to payment.create webhook, which has the device_id field. Is there a way our app, that sits on the merchant’s device/terminal can access the device_id that its been installed on?
I have been looking throgh the apis and sdk and listDevice seems like an option.
Can someone elaborate on this. Seems like a common enough usecase.

Thanks in advance.

Is this with the Terminal API? If so you can use ListDevices to get all the devices that have been paired. The device_id in the body of the response is the serial number of the Terminal device so you can identify which device it is. :slightly_smiling_face:

As of now we were not planning on integrating with the terminal api. We basically needed access to receipt information along with device_id which is available in the payment webhook. From that point on, we need to make an api call from the app sitting on merchant’s device containing the device_id and some other information regarding the user. Does this require an integration with terminal api?

What Square product are you using to process the payment with? Currently device_details is only available in the webhook for in person payments.

Also if you’re getting the payment webhook the sellers app can can call our Payments API with the payment_id to get all the payment information that includes the receipt_url and device_details. :slightly_smiling_face: