Android In-App payments SDK sending price and contact info to server

I have gone through the documentation and the tutorials on creating the Android In-App payment client, I also have setup a backend server using Node.js and the code from GitHub. I was able to successfully send the credit card info to the backend server and let it process the sandbox payment sending the result back to the Android App.
My question: Now that I have got this far, I wanted to change the amount for the cookie from $1 to something else but I noticed that no where in the Android App does it send this value to the server. Where and how do I send this from the Android App so the backend server can process any payment in the sandbox example?


:wave: Glad to hear that you got the examples working. Just as you send the tokenized card nonce to the server you can pass an amount the same way to process the total amount of your customers order. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s your code that sends the card nonce, which I still don’t fully understand, what I was hoping for is an example of where to add parameters to send along with the card nonce, or something like that…

As a side question, if I use your code to generate the card nonce and then use my own code to send that to our backend server, am I still PCI compliant or do I have to use your code completely to send all data to the backend server?


Yeah, you are definitely PCI compliant if you use your own logic to send the data to the server. You just need to make sure you tokenize the card information using the SDK. Once you have the token you can use whatever means best fits your use case to send it to the backend. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s awesome!

Is there any requirements for the backend server to be PCI compliant?

If our business is in Australia and we process payments in AUD, does it matter that our backend server resides in Canada?


All the requests to Square need to be HTTPS however you can definitely have the server in Canada and process payments for the Square account in Australia. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all your help Bryan.