Additional Features for Service type business

I wish they retained the SAVE checkout feature from the old checkout process, and enable to add pictures on the transactions rather than pictures on the customer accounts.

How I wish I can do this process is:

  1. I have a customer coming in for repair
  2. From the check out menu, I can add parts that i use then have the button to save it.
  3. From the Save process I could add the customers name and a picture of the item before it goes for repair and they can add an initial to the picture just to verify the condition.
  4. When the repair is done and customer comes back to pickup, I will lookup on my SAVED Checkouts and have another option to take a picture of the finished repair and add an initial to verify that the repair was done successfully.
  5. Then proceed with the normal payment

I’m not sure what old checkout you’re referring to that did this behavior. Could you clarify? As far as I know we never had a save functionality or allowed pictures to be saved on a transaction.

*I am referring to the tickets option on checkout process on the old square app that seems to be missing now on the new update refer to picture one that i attached…
*then on picture two, when I add a part to the checkout process it give me an option to save it
*then on picture three, once I click the SAVE button from picture two it will enable me to create a ticket
*then on picture four, I can add a new customer, the description of the service I am doing and I hope that you can add a camera box

***Those are the functionality that I wish that is still existing or can be added or can be brought back… I am only using the iPhone Square App, I dont like using the desktop version specially when i am onsite

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sent a reply to your question

Sounds good, thanks for clarifying. To be clear, though: these forums are mainly around APIs and SDKs, so you may want to reach out to general support with this feedback: Get Support at Square | Square Support Center - US as I’m not sure the right folks will see it here.