Accepting payments on website with variable amount

We have a service business, and bill amounts vary a lot. I want to put a form or link on a web page to process credit cards. The square “donations” option seems great, it allows the user to fill in an amount…except it says “donation”, which doesn’t work for a business customer.

Using the existing square options to process sales would require creating a new link every time we have a different bill amount.

I am hoping that square will be able to set this up, we are currently accepting payments on a website using paypal, which does offer this feature. If square can set this up, we will move to square.


Currently, with the checkout links created in Dashboard you have to set a price. Variable priced links aren’t currently available. If you have a developer you can build a checkout that allows the customer to input the amount and charge them with our Web Payments SDK. :slight_smile: