About webhook subscription.updated

I set the subscription start date in the future and when the start date comes, I don’t get any notification from subscription.updated.

I can see the notification when it is cancelled or when I send a test from the dashboard.

Do I get a notification when PENDING becomes ACTIVE?

Also, it says that PENDING becomes ACTIVE at midnight, but what time is that exactly?

subscription_id :8db2b3f7-8086-4f5b-9765-beb13d94afdd

Can you please check if the subscription.updated is occurring?

Thank you very much.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The team is working on a fix and I’ll be sure to reach out with any updates. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply.

What time does PENDING become ACTIVE?

Thank you.

Currently with the Subscriptions API it will go from PENDING to ACTIVE at the same time when it was created but on the day that it’s set to start. You can see the creation date/time when you RetrieveSubscription :slightly_smiling_face: