A proper way to get a single deleted object by its id

I’m trying to retreive a single deleted object by its id and looks like retrieve_catalog_object endpoint can’t help me with that. Is that correct? What is the proper way to do that?

I guess i can use search_catalog_objects endpoint with exact_query and attribute_name: id. But that seems pretty cumbersome for such a simple task…

Any better alternatives?

I believe you can only see deleted catalog objects using SearchCatalogObjects unfortunately; I don’t think that RetrieveCatalogObject will return a deleted object at this time.

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i’ve just found out it is not possible to use id attribute in query. Is that correct? How can i retrieve a deleted object by its id then?

There’s no way to retrieve by id at this time, you can just include the deleted objects in the SearchCatalogObjects. You would need to manually look for the deleted objects. Note that deleted objects do not have much information about them, though, as far as I recall.