WEIRD problem with my square terminal

It was restarted around 11:30 ish today. Maybe earlier. The firmware was updated during that restart.

I just wanted to drop in here and mention that I’m still getting this weird behavior. I can’t pinpoint what would be causing it. I’m currently in the process of updating to the latest API version (2023-12-13) as well as the nodejs sdk. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

Also, just so we are on the same page. When I ask the TerminalAPI to create a checkout, nothing happens until I touch the device screen. And when I mean nothing, I mean nothing. No webhooks get fired, the device doesn’t present the “insert payment” screen. Nothing.

Update 1
After some testing, this is what I’m getting: If ask for payment I can see an entry for my request in the API logs right away. Then, if I don’t do anything eventually the device “wakes up” and displays the blue screen. I then go look at the webhook logs and check the difference between the time it was created and the time it was updated. The results vary quite a bit from 35sec to 48sec so far.

Am I doing something dumb here? Do I even control over something like that? Like a delay to payment option I might be setting somewhere? I don’t get it.

Update 2
I did some more testing. I turned off my custom pinging strategy I had going on and the device now responds quickly. So I reimplemented the use of your getDevice endpoint. I still don’t think its very useful. But I’ll have to roll with it for now. Consider this fixed for now.

With GetDevice the Devices API periodically provides updated device data, but not in real-time. If needed, use the PING Terminal action to get more up to date information about a specific device. :slightly_smiling_face: