Cardholder info

When Square creates a new customer profile after receiving a payment request with a new card number, it does not automatically save the full name on the new card in the customer’s profile. The customer’s profile information, including their name, must be explicitly provided when creating or updating a customer profile using the Customers API.

I am confused about this, here is a forum that says something contradictory, that the cardholder name is saved in an instant profile.

If I am a customer who walks into a store and I pay at a Square POS tablet, then my assumption is that a customer profile will be created for me automatically, with my name, as well as my card information. According to the linked forum, the instant profile saves the customer name in the profile, but only “If a customer’s name is collected from a payment card and a matching profile does not already exist within your directory, Square creates an instant profile”. How can we tell if the Square tablet a customer paid at retrieved the name on the card at the time of the payment? What data is Square guaranteed to store when a customer makes a purchase at a Square POS tablet.

For context, this is what I am trying to do: I am storing the cardholder name, last 4 digits, and expiration date of the user using our 3rd party app. I want to verify that a customer made a purchase at a specific store by querying Square’s APIs using the above information. I require the cardholder name for some additional business logic.