Women Who Make

Women Who Make

This month is WomEng Spotlight Month at Square, and so we took it as a time to celebrate women engineers—in the company and outside of it…

This month is WomEng Spotlight Month at Square, and so we took it as a time to celebrate women engineers—in the company and outside of it. We organized a Square seller pop-up at our office, featuring women engineers and designers… who happen to be makers with their own small businesses as well. Here are their stories.

Amy Wibowo, BubbleSort Zines

Amy has had a ten-year-long career in tech that’s included HCI research, machine learning research, FPGA programming, and web development. Most recently, she was a web developer on the growth team at Airbnb for three years before she left to found her own business. The focus of her mission is to make computing more welcoming and inclusive, and that spans designing cute, femme programming-themed apparel to writing zines about algorithms, encryption, and data structures with lots of illustrations.

Susan Lin, Mintlodica Studios

Susan, or @mintlodica, is an artist. Her work is inspired by the cross between real and surreal. She relaunched her art career with #100DaysOfWatercolorTrees and has made new work in watercolor, pixel art, and 3D art. She has shown her work in San Francisco, in Portland, and at NASA Goddard’s visitor center. She lives a double life as an designer. She currently works at Nava PBC on the next generation of HealthCare.gov’s application. She combines her knowledge of usability, mixing colors, and HTML/Sass into design experiences. Her design ethos is to approach each solution as part of a living system which scales beyond the immediate feature. Her creative ethos is that no creative pursuits are a waste of time—all of your creative pursuits will come together.

Ash Huang

Ash is a designer who works on Adobe XD—UX design tooling—in San Francisco. Outside of that, she’s a skilled artist, photographer, and author; she’s been called a renaissance woman, an apt description. Her first novel, The Firesteel, won First Place for Literary Fiction in the 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-book Awards. Her second novel is called Suspension. She sells illustrations, prints, journals, jewelry, and her novels on her shop.

Jessica Lin, Cuddly Potatoes

Jessica is a software engineer at Pinterest on the Advertiser Experience team, and she works mostly with the ads reporting API. By day, she works to add the features that advertisers need to the API, and by night she designs new comics, works on commissions, looks into new merch, or fulfills orders. She’s always wanted to have a little shop of adorable things that make people smile, so she started Cuddly Potatoes in December of 2016. Ever since then, she’s been working on building it up and expanding her own unique brand of derpy cute art for all the derpy potato-lovers out there!

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