What’s new in version 2.5.0 of our client SDKs.

The latest version of our SDKs includes our big release of multi-party transactions.


Here’s a rundown of the changes:

  • Multi-Party transactions: This has been a big feature request from developers like you, as well as larger marketplaces and other platforms looking to integrate with Square. You can read more about this exciting release here: A new way for developers to monetize on Square’s platform.
  • Improved SDK generation instructions: If you didn’t know already, we use Swagger/OpenAPI to generate the SDKs for our REST endpoints. You can read more in the readme on square/connect-api-specification.
  • Removed the Travis CI SDK build pipeline: We weren’t happy with the controls and abilities we had when using TravisCI with our internal build pipeline, so we simplified the process.
  • Minor spelling fixes: Things like adding the colon to the SearchCatalogObjects description (Queries the targeted catalog using a variety of query types:)

You can see the full diff of all the changes here: square/connect-api-specification connect-api-specification - This repository contains the OpenAPI specification as well as templates for generating SDKs…github.com

Hopefully you enjoy the new features we’ve added, and as always, if you find any mistakes or room for improvement leave us a comment here or submit a pull request!