Version 2.5.1 of our Client SDKs

The holidays aren’t here just yet, but with all these releases it might feel like Christmas!

We’re always working to expand our APIs and client libraries to give developers the tools they need to build their integrations with Square businesses. Here’s what’s new in our most recent version (2.5.1):

  • A new field (ordinal) was added to the CatalogItemVariation model. The ordinal is the order in which the item is displayed for the Square Point of Sale App.

  • The location model includes a field for website_url, which is the website that a merchant inputs when making their Square account.

  • Tender objects got a new field time_money to represent the amount of money tipped on a transaction.

  • V1PageCell now more accurately matches the underlying data model.

All of the most recent SDKs are already available in GitHub, and you can update through your favorite package manager.

If you have any questions about our most recent SDK release, let us know in the comments, or reach out to @SquareDev on twitter. You can also see the official release notes below ⬇️. Square SDK 2.5 Release (2017-11-10) Accept Credit Cards From An iPhone, Android or iPad -