Touch-free Commerce Application Guides

Touch-free Commerce Application Guides

Instructions on adapting a business to be touch-free

Sellers right now are looking for solutions to help them run their business in this new environment. They need help taking their businesses online and navigating touch-free commerce. To help address this, we’ve created a new section on the Square App Marketplace dedicated to contactless commerce. This section of the app marketplace has partner application guides that solutions partners can share with the sellers they’re working with. Each guide focuses on helping merchants in a specific industry transition to contactless commerce with applications specifically tailored to their needs.

App Marketplace

One available guide is the Food and Beverage Partner Application Guide. It tackles two problems that we see merchants facing currently: how to set up on-demand delivery, and how to take online and mobile orders. In the guide we call out key considerations for implementing these revenue streams, make recommendations for applications to use, and also highlight special promotions these partner applications are making available to merchants.

Food & Bev Guide

We know that as merchants are making this pivot, many will be doing so in phases. We’ve structured the guide to take this into account, giving suggested time frames for implementation, so merchants can better plan roll-out phases.

We’ve also released touch-free commerce guides for retail, health & wellness, and in the coming weeks we will also be making available a guide for services merchants. Please feel free to reach out on the #feedback channel of our developer community or our developer forums if there are any additional resources for sellers that you work with that you’d like to request.

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