//TODO: Talk Openly, Develop Openly

//TODO: Talk Openly, Develop Openly

Collaborating to improve open source for companies

Written by Jake Wharton.

On behalf of Square, I am proud to announce that we are one of the founding companies of //TODO: Talk Openly, Develop Openly, a group dedicated to utilizing and releasing open source software. We all believe we can better improve our open source programs — and our contributions to the open source movement as a whole — by working together.

At Square, we are committed to contributing to the open source community. We always have the mindset to open source our code when we build; and over the last four years, we have written countless blog posts and given multiple presentations on open source and engineering, and released many projects that we developed internally.

We are proud of our engineers and work to simplify the process of releasing and managing open source software. And now, we are proud to stand with other companies who strive to do the same.

The TODO group will share experiences, develop best practices, and collaborate on common tooling regarding open sourcing software. Companies with similar programs, or companies that are looking to begin open sourcing software, are also invited to join at todogroup.org.

Together, we will work to improve the experience of open sourcing so we can focus on what’s most important — the quality of the projects themselves.

For more information, visit todogroup.org. Jake Wharton *Stop stopping.*medium.com