The Square Small Business Hackathon

The Square Small Business Hackathon

Build software applications that help small businesses adapt and recover

The world has changed a lot in just a few short months. Many business owners must completely rethink how they do business. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to make the pivot to contactless commerce and adapt to this challenging new business environment. We’re inviting the developer community to join Square and Google in supporting small businesses by taking part in The Square Small Business Hackathon.

Submissions must fall into one of four categories:

  • Retail
    Such as clothing shops, hardware stores, toy stores, groceries, and book stores
  • Food & Beverage
    Such as hestaurants, bars, delis, liquor stores, and food trucks
  • Healthcare
    Such as independent healthcare providers, mental health therapists, nutrition and wellness consultants
  • Services & Other Use Cases
    Such as house cleaners, plumbers, drivers, fitness trainers, barbers, nail technicians, spa operators, other independent contractors, or any other type of business that doesn't fall in the other categories

You can build for the web, mobile, or other hardware, using any language you prefer and one of Square’s APIs and/or SDKs. A pre-existing application may be submitted to the hackathon if it has been significantly updated within the contest timeframe.

Some ideas for entries include:

  • Contactless pickup/drop off of pets at veterinary offices
  • Contactless intake forms at clinics
  • Stores and service providers need more unique ways for customers to shop, engage and help promote business
  • Since in-store visits have and may continue to decline drastically, how do sellers and service providers make the in-store visits extra memorable
  • Paperless menus for restaurants

Entries will be accepted until June 22 and the winners will be announced on July 17. There will be first and second place prizes awarded for each category.

First place winners in each category receive:

  • US$3,000
  • US$3,000 donation directed to seller of choice
  • Google Home
  • Social promotion by Square
  • 60 min. meeting with Square product team (or other to discuss the winning app)
  • Square swag for up to 5 teammates

Second place winner receive:

  • US$1,500
  • US$1,500 donation directed to seller of choice
  • Google Home
  • Social promotion by Square
  • Square swag for up to 5 teammates

To read more about the rules, eligibility requirements, and to sign up, go to

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