The Square Build What’s POS-sible Hackathon

The Square Build What’s POS-sible Hackathon

Build useful tools for sellers using our customer point-of-sale APIs

Our latest hackathon – Build What’s POS-sible — is now live! While Square has become known primarily for its payments and point-of-sale solutions, there’s so much more. Today, we have APIs that span across every aspect of a business, including customer solutions such as Customers, Gift Cards, Invoices, Loyalty, and Team Management (including Labor).

With the Build What’s POS-sible hackathon, developers can utilize one or more of our customer point-of-sale APIs to build useful tools that help sellers scale and grow their business. Plus, you’re also free to use a wide array of the APIs available within the Square developer platform to build more robust apps and integrations–as long as you’re building with at least one of our customer point-of-sale APIs to be eligible for the hackathon. Build what’s possible for a chance to claim your part of $100k in prizes–including a $20k grand prize.

You can build for the web, mobile, or other platform, using your preferred programming language and at least one Square customer point-of-sale API. A pre-existing application may be submitted to the hackathon if it has been significantly updated within the contest timeframe.

Getting started

Participants will have several opportunities to win: from a $20,000 grand prize and honorable mentions, to bonus categories for unique use cases and even additional prizes for providing valuable feedback to our teams. You can check out the prize categories here, and get started:

Looking for inspiration?

We’ve asked our seller community for input on what you can build–check it out right here! Plus, see what’s already in the Square App Marketplace, and even find inspiration from submissions to previous hackathons: Square Small Business Hackathon, Square Unboxed Hackathon.

Have questions?

We’re here to help! Head to the BuildWithSquare Slack workspace and join the #pos-sible hackathon channel–our team will help answer your questions Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific Time. You can also check out the Square Developer Forums.

Mention us @squaredev, and tell us what you’re working on using the hashtag #BuildWhatsPOSsible. We’re excited to see what you build!

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