Square’s Open Approach to Code

A quarter of a million lines of code later.

Written by Lindsay Wiese.

Nearly 3 years ago we open sourced our first project at Square: Retrofit. Since then we’ve released more than a quarter of a million lines of code in more than 60 open source projects — a project, on average, every 2.5 weeks.

As a member of the open source community — and a company that’s benefited from many open source libraries — we have a responsibility to pay it forward. Our open source efforts also benefit our customers: making internal work suitable for public consumption requires an extra layer of polish that helps to improve our products across the board.

So thank you to everyone who has submitted patches to our open source projects. We have much more to contribute.

If you’re interested in learning more about open source at Square, you can read about our efforts here. For more information about the broad technical challenges we face at Square, visit squareup.com/careers. Lindsay Wiese - Profile *Comms @Square. I like running, triathlons, hiking, and traveling.*medium.com