Square Launches in Ireland

Square Launches in Ireland

And brings its developer platform to Irish developers

Today Square launched in Ireland! Following a successful Early Access Programme, now all merchants, enterprises, and developers across Ireland can access Square’s innovative ecosystem with the tools and APIs that they need to start, run, grow, and adapt their businesses.

Ireland marks the first time Square has launched with a full stack of integrated business tools along with its developer platform in a new market. Square’s suite of first party products are designed to seamlessly work with each other to save businesses time and money, reduce inefficiencies from managing multiple systems, and help sellers grow their businesses in the future. Additionally, Square’s developer platform offers a rich set of APIs and SDKs aimed at enabling developers to build applications custom made for their specific business needs or applications that complete Square's first party ecosystem of products. It gives additional choice to sellers who want to use Square’s first party tools and integrate them with the apps they like or are already using for their business.

Irish developers can now build innovative commerce applications that will enhance Square’s own offerings and publish them on the Square App Marketplace. Popular APIs and SDKs include:

  • Payments APIs: Square developer platform launches with APIs and SDKs for taking in-person, online, and in-app payments and create or manager invoices:
  • Terminal API enables developers to connect Square Terminal to their apps for in-person card and contactless payments. With Terminal API, payments sync automatically with sellers’ favorite point of sales so they can focus on what matters most to their business.
  • POS API enables developers to connect Square Reader for Contactless and chip payments with their point of sale application.
  • Web Payments SDK is a new JavaScript SDK that enables developers to integrate online payment processing into web applications to enhance the online buying experience.
  • In-App Payments SDK helps developers easily integrate Square payments into mobile apps.
  • Invoices API is built on top of Square Invoices and enables developers to create and manage invoices within the Square Point of Sale, Square Dashboard, Square Invoices app, and their favorite third party platform.
  • Commerce APIs encompass the Orders, Catalog, Inventory, Merchant and Locations APIs which enable developers to build advanced commerce applications for Square sellers.
  • Customers and Team APIs enable developers to manage customer and employee data within their app.
  • Snippets API enables developers to insert Javascript, HTML, or CSS code inside the <head> tag of a website to create custom add-ons that sellers can add to their Square Online website.

Our suite of developer tools including our developer dashboard, documentation, technical reference and API Explorer are also fully available to Irish developers starting today.

API Explorer Payments

“When the partners and developers building on our platform succeed, we do,” said Matthew O’Connor, General Manager for Developer Platform at Square. “We are thrilled to expand Square’s platform into Ireland and provide them with the ability to grow their business by offering integrated applications to our rapidly growing seller base.”

Our APIs & SDKs are free to use. Square offers fair, transparent, and merchant-friendly pricing for payment processing without requiring long-term contracts or extra fees. Square takes care of fraud prevention, dispute management, security, and compliance at no additional cost. Businesses can access their funds as soon as the next working day and only pay a transaction fee when they accept a card or mobile payment.

Visit developer.squareup.com/ie/en to learn more about our platform capabilities, read our docs, and play with our developer tools.

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