Square Developer YouTube

Square Developer YouTube

We launched a YouTube channel for developers

We’d love nothing more than to meet developers in person, no matter where in the world they might be. Unfortunately, our accounting department says that would be impractical. So instead we’ve decided to try to meet you all digitally by creating a new series of videos. We know not everyone learns by reading; sometimes just watching someone build makes all the difference.

With that said, we are really proud to announce the official launch of the Square Developer YouTube Channel! We have three new shows to help you get building fast.

Sandbox Show

Check out The Sandbox, a long format show where we talk about challenging topics in great detail to help educate developers, while also doing some coding on the spot to solidify the application of those concepts (mistakes included).

Sandbox 101

For tutorials, watch Sandbox 101. We’ll cover how to use particular Square APIs or SDKs to help developers in getting started or integrating into their existing app.

Sandbox Shorts

Finally, watch Sandbox Shorts for a quick understanding of the tools we offer.

We’re dedicated to making this an extremely helpful resource for developers, so send us your feedback on topics you’d like us to cover or know more about! You can get in touch via our Developer community, YouTube, or Twitter.

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