Square Cash introduces Activity View

Square Cash introduces Activity View

View all of your Square Cash activity in one, easy-to-read convesational-style feed.

Written by Brian Grassadonia.

At Square we view commerce as a form of communication — a way for individuals to exchange value with one another, whether it be goods, services, ideas or experiences.

When we built Square Cash, we had this idea of conversation in mind. Our goal was to make it as easy to send money as it is to send an e-mail. We want everyone — no matter where they are or what devices they use to be able to exchange value with their friends and family effortlessly. Why shouldn’t exchanging money be as simple as sending a quick message or a hello?

In October, we enabled anyone to send money by simply composing an e-mail, ccing: [email protected] and putting the dollar amount in the subject line. We eliminated the need for complicated sign-up processes and secondary holding accounts, we eradicated confusing fee structures and long wait times. We made it fast, free and easy to send money to anyone.

Over the last six months, Square Cash has grown considerably and is processing hundreds of millions of dollars annualized. We’re seeing people use the service to collect money for birthdays, baby showers and concert tickets. Friends are sharing the cost of bachelor parties and college students are requesting money from their parents.

Given the frequency with which people are sending Square Cash, we want our customers to have an easy and familiar way to keep track of all of their past and current Square Cash transactions. **Today we are introducing the Activity view.**Activity enables any Square Cash app customer to see all of their past payments and view their current requests and receipts.

The Activity view showcases your Square Cash payments as a conversation; a dialogue between friends; a reminder of who owes whom; and an organized place for you to stay on top of outstanding requests.

It is even easier to reconcile requests for payments, by enabling anyone to respond directly within the app. So now you can simply tap a button and pay the money you owe.

We’ve built a simple and beautiful service that we hope will continue to delight you and we look forward to bringing you more great features soon. Brian Grassadonia Square Cash Lead @Squaremedium.com