See your location ID without the API call

See your location ID without the API call

Our latest refresh of the Square Developer Portal includes locations IDs

When merchants sign up for Square they create what we called a “location.” This location represents a distinct place that they do business. It could be a physical store, an e-commerce site, or even a mobile location like a food truck. These locations can change over time, as the business grows and expands or moves into new domains.

For developers, locations are particularly important, since they determine where the transactions you are charging get attributed to, or which location’s items are are being updated in your inventory. Often times you’d use the List Locations endpoint to find the location ID that you want to perform the operations on, and then spend the rest of your time with a single location hard coded into your software.

Now instead of having to make a one-off List Locations call, you can just pull the location ID from your Developer Portal!

This is a change that is available for all developers in the Square Developer Portal. You can log in today and select an application to see for yourself. Learn more about a Square business in the developer document Structure of a Square Business.