Sandbox & Locations Now Generally Available

Sandbox & Locations Now Generally Available

Sandbox and Locations have moved from beta to GA

Sandbox & Locations API move to General Availability

With our 2019-11-20 API release, we have officially moved Sandbox out of beta and into general availability (GA). Additionally, we have moved the RetrieveLocation and ListLocations endpoints of the Locations API from beta to GA. As a result of this release and moving endpoints into GA, we are also announcing some endpoints that are being deprecated. You can find more about our deprecation policy in our docs, along with a schedule that will be updated regularly to reflect each endpoint’s deprecation and retirement schedule.

Legacy Sandbox, v1 Items, v1 Batching, & v1 Locations

It's worth taking a moment here to talk about our Connect v1 APIs and some of the plans we have for them moving into the future. We initially launched our Connect v1 APIs to give developers a way to integrate into Square and add functionality into their businesses or the businesses of their clients. We later introduced our Connect v2 APIs (now referred to as Square APIs) to improve upon the work that was done with Connect v1. We were able to introduce versioning into our Connect v2 APIs, which was not possible to do with Connect v1 without making breaking changes.

In an effort to continue delivering better and newer functionality to developers, we’re progressively releasing APIs to replace those that exist in Connect v1. As a result of this, we’ll be progressively deprecating Connect v1 APIs as their suitable replacements are released. For more information on our deprecation policies and the status of any particular endpoint, please check our docs.

We are deprecating the following things as of our 2019-11-20 release:

  • Legacy Sandbox, will be retired 2020-05-27
  • v1 Items, will be retired 2020-11-18
  • v1 Batching, will be retired 2020-11-18
  • v1 Locations, will be retired 2020-11-18

There are additional APIs that have been deprecated (v2 Transactions, v2 Reporting, and OAuth Renew) that were announced elsewhere, but you can always find the full list of deprecated APIs in our docs.

Legacy Sandbox

Square's legacy Sandbox is deprecated and will be retired on 2020-05-27. After May 27, the legacy sandbox will no longer be available. We recommend moving to our new Sandbox as soon as possible. Our new Sandbox provides a better testing experience with full support for Square APIs, testing account support, and a dashboard view of Sandbox payments, catalog items, and more.

v1 Items

The v1 Items API is being deprecated and will be retired 2020-11-18. The v1 Items API is being replaced by v2 Catalog API. The v2 Catalog API has improved functionality, batch endpoints, and full parity with v1 Items, with the exception of API support of Favorites page management for the Square Point of Sale. Favorites pages can still be managed directly in the Square Point of Sale app.

v1 Locations

The v1 Locations API is being deprecated and will be retired 2020-11-18. It will be replaced with the v2 Locations API, that allows creating, editing, and management of a seller’s locations. You’ll find useful data such as business hours, capabilities, and an address for each location in the account.

v1 Batching

The v1 Batching API is being deprecated without a direct replacement, as we do not believe that a general purpose batching API was providing a good developer experience. It will also be retired 2020-11-18. Although there will not be a direct replacement for this API, there are some resource specific batch endpoints that can be called to meet this same functionality (i.e. Batch upsert Catalog, Batch Retrieve Orders, etc…). For more information, please see our docs.


For additional resources on migrating from a v1 API to its replacement, please see our Square API Lifecycle page in our documentation. It has a full description of the Square API Lifecycle, what different API states are, and a full list of deprecation and retirement dates for Square APIs. As always, you can also reach out to us in the Square Developer Community or contact our Developer Support to share any feedback, concerns, or to ask questions about completing your migration.

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