New Square App Marketplace Ratings and Reviews

New Square App Marketplace Ratings and Reviews

How to use feedback to improve your products, sales, and service.

In order to continuously launch products that sellers want, teams need feedback from multiple channels to improve their product. Square App Marketplace ratings and reviews provide a new feedback channel to gather insights while giving sellers a way to evaluate if your app is right for them. Research has shown that product reviews are 12x more trusted than product descriptions and sales copy, and that 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores. Square will continue to improve SEO and app placements for sellers by using ratings and reviews.

As your app grows in popularity, there are several ways we are helping to gather and manage ratings and reviews. First, we want to ensure all reviews are real; therefore, only sellers with a verified identity are eligible to leave a review 24 hours after they’ve installed your app. You can use the review webpage to distribute to sellers in your app via email or on social media without worrying about spam or abuse. The url is the same as your app detail page with ‘/review’ added. For example,{{AppName}}/review.

Second, we know that first reviews are crucial. Reviews will always be available on your app detail page, but if you have less than 10 ratings and reviews, then the average rating will not be visible on other pages, categories, or content. You can view reviews on the developer dashboard by navigating to the production application listed in Square App Marketplace and sort by date or rating to support response prioritization, gathering product feedback, or capturing testimonials.

As you start managing reviews, we recommend using these guidelines and strategies to engage sellers.

  1. Keep responses relevant to the feedback
    Positive reviews are great! In order to keep the focus on the positive reviews themselves, it’s best to keep thank yous short and limit the number of times you respond. For negative reviews they provide focused replies to sellers. By staying on topic, review responses can be a great way to turn a negative experience into a positive one for sellers.
  2. Create a remarkable experience for sellers
    Determine the best process for your team to address reviews in a way that helps sellers solve their challenges. Many teams create a playbook to respond to reviews, build authentic engagement, and avoid generic responses. Playbooks can help build personalized responses, track which reviews you should follow up on when releasing a fix, and know when to direct a seller to connect with support.
  3. Use reviews for other marketing channels
    We recommend using reviews as testimonials for web pages, email campaigns, and social media. Using reviews as social proof is a powerful way to help build awareness of your integration with Square. Please do not use review responses as a marketing channel to directly engage sellers. This can cause negative experiences for sellers and reduce trust in the ecosystem.

Get Started

Ratings and reviews are now publicly available for all sellers and developers globally. You will need to log in to the developer account and navigate to the production app to manage your reviews.

We encourage developers to share their feedback on our community Slack channel or Square Developer Forums.

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