Introducing the new Square Catalog API

The new Square Catalog API exposes all of our platform improvements while also allowing developers to improve the efficiency of their item library solutions.

Exposing APIs which allow our partners to build meaningful and delightful experiences for Square sellers is fundamental to meeting the needs of our diverse community of sellers. For most sellers their item library is critical to their success, so when we first launched our API platform one of the introductory endpoints we exposed was Items.

Since that launch, Square has continued to invest in our Items platform (aka Catalog), supporting much larger item libraries with improved scale and decreased latency, and also introducing first class multi-location support. Our continual investment in the platform is an investment in our sellers, so as they grow our platform will continue to support all of their item library needs.

Connect V2

This launch moves our API endpoint used to access items to Square’s newest API platform, Connect V2. This ensures that the Catalog API performance and reliability are up to the standards our sellers and developer partners expect from Square.

Multi-location Catalog

Our Catalog API transitions our item management API from a per location solution to a per seller solution. If you have one location or many, our API allows for you to define and manage a single Item Library. Within the single Item Library items can be shared across locations or active at only a single location. This is not only more scalable and efficient, but also aligned with how businesses conceptualize and manage their products.

Bulk Operations

To ensure that solutions built with the Catalog API remain efficient for sellers with many items and locations, we’ve provided bulk API endpoints needed to update things like prices, discounts, or taxes for item variations across one or many locations.

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