Employees, OAuth, Orders, Reporting, and Inventory APIs

Employees, OAuth, Orders, Reporting, and Inventory APIs

New webhook for OAuth, transition Employees to Labor + Team API, and other API updates

We’ve had a lot of APIs coming out, with Subscriptions, Invoices, Team Management, Loyalty, and Terminal API, it's nice to take a chance to dig in on some of the smaller but important changes to the Square API. With the latest API release on August 26th, we’ve added in some new functionality for OAuth webhooks and made some changes to Employees, Orders, Reporting and Inventory APIs. You can find everything detailed in the changelog, but we’ll give a quick overview below.

New OAuth Authorization Revoked Webhook

We have added a new webhook event to make it easier to know when a seller has revoked access to their account for your application. You can see the details of this webhook event in the technical references for OAuth and you can test this event out in your Developer Dashboard in the webhooks section by creating a new webhook URL or updating your current webhooks to use the latest version of the Square API.

Employees v1 & v2 + Labor API Updates

In order to make our APIs more consistent, we’ve made some updates to the Employee v1 and Employees v2 APIs since they can now be replaced by using the Team Management APIs (Labor API + Team API). We have updated the Labor API to deprecate the employee_id field in various places and replaced this with the team_member_id field.

In addition, here are the other API endpoints that are referencing employee_id today that should change to team_member_id:

  • Payments API
  • Inventory API
  • Cash Drawer API

With this release, we are also deprecating the Employee v1 API and Employees v2 API, which has their functionality replaced by the Labor API and Team API. Employee v1 and Employees v2 APIs will be retired on August 26th, 2021 (2021-26-08). We have provided a migration guide here that can help in going through the process of transitioning to using the TeamMember object if you’re going from Employees v2 to Labor API.

Minor Changes

The Orders API has made some updates to move the total_tip_money field to General Availability and release updated endpoints that don’t require the location_id in the URL. This will also deprecate the previous location bound URLs in favor of the updated endpoints.

Inventory API has introduced states to allow filtering inventory counts on the BatchRetrieveInventoryCounts endpoint.

Refunds API has renamed the error type for CreateRefund from RESERVATION_DECLINED to REFUND_DECLINED.


Prior to 2019/08/15, the Reporting API was the way to review multi-party payments taken with the Transactions API. The Payments API now includes a "application fee" parameter you can use to replace this functionality. The Reporting API is now retired and you can use the Payments API functionality in its place.

You can find all of these changes detailed in the changelog. If you’re needing help in upgrading or have any additional questions or feedback about this release, please reach out to us in the forums.

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