Boost Your Productivity with IntelliJ Plugins

Plugins to complement Dagger and Otto.

Written by Kiran Ryali.

As developers, we rely on our tools to keep us productive and focused. The better our tools, the more productive we can be. Today, we are releasing IntelliJ plugins designed to complement two of our popular open source libraries, Dagger and Otto.

Otto Plugin

If you’re unfamiliar with Otto, it is our event bus for Android. Otto is particularly useful as mechanism to communicate between different parts of your application.

However, events can become difficult to trace when an application becomes sufficiently complex. We find ourselves wondering the origin of events and who is subscribing.

The Otto IntelliJ plugin aims to help bridge the gap by providing a link between the two.

Dagger Plugin

Dagger is our new dependency injection framework that decouples dependencies from the classes that use them.

The Dagger IntelliJ plugin helps cuts out indirection and creates visual connections between injections and the methods that fulfill them.

Dagger and Otto both subvert normal dispatch mechanisms. Doing so is powerful because your code doesn’t need to care where your Pump came from (Dagger) or who published the LocationChangedEvent (Otto).

But as a developer, you do care. These plugins give you the best of both worlds!


Visit the Github project pages for the Dagger and Otto plugins for instructions.

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