API and Webhooks Logs Are Generally Available

API and Webhooks Logs Are Generally Available

Monitor usage, versioning, and partner apps inside the developer dashboard

Square has continued to develop tooling to make it easier to build applications that integrate with the Square Developer platform. The latest tool, API Logs, was released in beta at Square Unboxed. API Logs has now graduated from Beta to Generally Available with newly added Webhook Log support.

Before API Logs, developers had to build their own logging infrastructure or rely on Square to inform them about problems with their integration. Now, with API Logs, developers can validate their integrations with Square APIs early in their building process. After they launch their app, it provides an audit trail of API usage that enables monitoring and simplifies debugging of payload issues.

Within the tool you’ll be able to:

  • Search for keywords
  • Filter using:
    • Error and HTTP Response Codes
    • Merchant and Location IDs
    • API Versions
    • Endpoint Names and Categories
  • View:
    • API Path
    • Headers
    • Request and Response Payloads

Developers can also use API Logs to track versions of Square APIs, and SDKs, so it is easier to identify when it’s time for an update.

API Logs

Webhooks Logs

Formerly, when a developer would want to see information on state changes to their app - due to either a side-effect (e.g. an API call) or to events outside of their app’s control (e.g. a dispute being filed), they would have no way of knowing it happened outside of the webhook delivery itself.

We built the Webhooks Event Logs to address this issue. In line with the design for our API Logger, developers will now have a complete view into their end-to-end development process. To view the webhook event logs, navigate to the Developer Dashboard. Select an application and, from the navigation pane, select Webhooks, then Events. Webhook event logs are maintained for a rolling 28-day period.



Over the past year, we have invested heavily into providing an end-to-end testing platform for developers to speed up development and connect to Sellers even faster. With API and Webhooks Logs, developers can trace back precise debugging needs and address them quickly and efficiently to maintain a steady stream of production calls. If you have any questions on how to use the API or Webhooks Logs, reach out to our team or join the conversation in our Slack community to chat with other builders.

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