Announcing the Winners of the Square Unboxed Hackathon

Announcing the Winners of the Square Unboxed Hackathon

Checkout the amazing projects that won at the Square Unboxed Hackathon 2022!

Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Square’s Unboxed Hackathon. This year, we wanted to reward developers for building with what we announced as part of the Unboxed this year. That means if you build using Bookings API, Cash App Pay, Checkout API, or Terminal API. Square has become known primarily for its payments and point-of-sale solutions, but there’s so much more. We wanted to host this hackathon to give developers the opportunity to build with these APIs, as well as collect feedback to continually improve upon our API offerings.

We had several prizes, including a $20,000 grand prize, and categories for most creative use cases valuable feedback were also awarded. To no surprise, our developer community took the challenge in stride and we were impressed by the submissions we received from developers all over the world.

And now, the winners 🎉

The winners will share $85,000 in cash prizes. Scoring was based on the following judging criteria:

  • Quality of the Idea: Includes creativity and originality of the idea
  • Implementation of the Idea: Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer, how well the featured Square APIs were leveraged, and, if applicable, how creatively multiple Square APIs were used together
  • Quality of the Submission Package: Includes the quality of the description, video demo, and any other materials submitted to Devpost.
  • Potential Value to Square Sellers and Customers: Includes the extent to which the app can help businesses grow.

Grand prize ($20,000)


Developers: Femi Odugbesan

With TinyTab, servers can use technology without appearing sucked into their phone. The TinyTab Apple Watch App allows servers to submit orders directly to the kitchen and process payments without all the back and forth to the kitchen, the central POS, and the table.

Second place overall ($15,000)

Get Together + Square Appointments

Developers: Mike Bell (Technical Founder @ Get Together AI), Wen Ding, Maddie Bell

Get Together’s patent pending technology lets customers simply send a text message to businesses that use Square Appointments to instantly schedule services! After a single-click registration, businesses simply share a text-to-book number for each location with their customers.

Best use of Bookings API ($10,750)

Follow-ups for Square Appointments

Developers: Binh Ly

Operator integrates with Square to receive webhooks regarding bookings. The system has defined rules for handling new bookings, and when booking statuses change due to cancellations or no shows.

Best use of Cash App Pay ($10,750)

Flash Order – Cash App and QR Code Pay

Developers: Jon Lund, Weston Hafen

Kiosks are great, but they mainly take payment from credit card swipes. What if you're in a bathing suit, or at a festival? Or in another country? Or hate carrying a wallet? With Square's new APIs we could add pay-on-phone to our kiosks.

Best Use of Checkout API ($10,750)

Custom Payments

Developers: Gabriel De Andrade, Luis Martinez, Jorge Nava, Rowland Saer (Founder @Seeed), Jose Carlos Chacon (Software Development Lead and Founder, Maria A. King

Custom Payments—is a Square integration that lets merchants accept any amount of partial payments on invoices or credit lines without having to use a donation link. It's more professional-looking and provides a complete B2B invoice manager.

Best App for Square Terminal ($10,750)


Developers: Reanna Ishmael

With Bento, sellers can:

  • Create inventory items in the database to track stock
  • Create a recipe for a catalog item (an item available for sale in the POS) using inventory items: When a recipe is created for a catalog item, every time a customer buys that catalog item, the corresponding "ingredients" will be deducted from inventory.
  • View an itemized breakdown of a customer order: For each item sold, what was deducted from inventory?
  • Track the history of inventory item changes over time

Most Impressive Technical Implementation ($2000)

Submatic Bookings with Square

Developers: Dan Merns

For this Hackathon I extended the functionality of Submatic to allow for the purchase of bookable services through a subscription or package. For example if a salon wants to create a membership where members pay monthly and receive 1 cut & dry per month, 1 blow out per month, and 10% off beauty products they can do that using Submatic.

Most valuable feedback ($1000)

The following developers provided us with some of the most meaningful feedback throughout the hackathon–we can’t wait to improve upon our API offerings based on the feedback received from our developer community.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks again to everyone who participated in the Square Unboxed Hackathon! Curious to see all the apps that were submitted? Check out the submissions gallery.

Moving forward For the latest on the Square Developer Platform, follow us @squaredev and join the conversation on the Square Developer Forums.

We’ll be back soon with another hackathon, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to build your next app. Check out solutions sellers are looking for and start building.

We can’t wait to see what you build next!

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