Announcing Square’s Open Source Portal

A central listing of our open source projects.

Written by Jake Wharton.

I am happy to announce that a listing of all the open source projects from Square can now be found at ****!

As a company, Square relies on numerous projects run by the open source community to function. In an effort to contribute back to the community we have open sourced many projects developed internally. Before today the only way to discover these projects was to browse our GitHub account. This new page will make it easy to discover our projects — and it’s more pleasing to the eye.

This page is generated using a variety of open source projects. A Python script reads the list of repositories and their corresponding categories from a JSON file. Metadata for each repo is pulled from the GitHub API using Requests. A Mustache template is rendered to create the final HTML. When viewing the page in a browser, Modernizr is used for feature detection. Local development is done using Jekyll.

Check back often to discover new open source projects! Jake Wharton *Stop stopping.*