A Week of iOS

Open source and insight leading up to WWDC

Written by shuvo chatterjee.

At Square, we’re big fans of WWDC. Our iOS developers come together to learn about the latest trends and technologies in iOS, and share best practices with the community. Today, we’re kicking off something new.

This week leading up to WWDC, we’re sharing some of our own best practices and open sourcing several of our iOS projects. And to wrap up the week on June 9, we’re hosting a tech talk. We’ll give demos and present lightning talks (including a continuation of Scaling Square Register). After, there’ll be time to meet one another over snacks and drinks.

If you’re an iOS developer, we’d be thrilled to give you a peek into iOS engineering at Square. You can RSVP to the event here. If you won’t be in the Bay Area, you won’t miss out. We’ll be updating The Corner with new posts throughout this week. shuvo chatterjee - Profile Edit descriptionmedium.com