A new partnership with Eventbrite, and the future of Square’s commerce platform

At Square, we’re working to create the future of commerce as the lines of online and offline continue to fade.

Today, we’re excited to share that we’ll be working closely with Eventbrite to ultimately provide their event creators with a single platform to accept online, mobile, and in-person payments using Square. These omni-channel payment capabilities will provide Eventbrite with one fully integrated solution for its event creators to take payments anywhere, and enable a seamless purchasing experience for event attendees.

As the lines of online and offline commerce continue to fade, it becomes more important for businesses to be able to create and manage a seamless omni-channel experience for their customers. We first launched our Build with Square APIs so any seller or developer could integrate their apps or websites with Square’s managed payments and ecosystem. Since then, we’ve seen developers build connected apps for everything from boba tea shops and clothing stores, to taxis in Washington, D.C. And with Caviar (Square’s food ordering platform), we’ve learned what a marketplace needs not only for payments, but also for advanced functionality like catalog support and order management. Working closely with the Caviar product and engineering teams, we’ve added support for all platforms (and developers) to take a percentage of a payment for the services they provide. Caviar now processes all online payments via Square’s public APIs.

The functionality we built for Caviar and other marketplaces is part of the foundational platform we will leverage for Eventbrite — our e-commerce and Point of Sale APIs will drive a single omni-channel payments platform that better services Eventbrite’s event creators, and ultimately event attendees with a seamless purchasing experience.

As we expand our tools and platform at Square, we always keep external developers top of mind so that our APIs and SDKs operate at the highest functionality for everyone. Developers of all sizes will have access to the same tools that Eventbrite uses to meet the needs of any marketplace. With Eventbrite, we have a like-minded, customer-first partner focused on simplifying commerce, and building the best technology platform for live experiences. We’ve already started, and we’re excited to continue the hard work!

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