Restaurant Orders Not Showing

SearchOrders is not returning restaurant orders for an open table… So I have an ipad setup with the square restaurant. I send an order to ‘the kitchen’ to be made, this is table service and wont get paid for until people finish their meal! When I do search orders I dont get the order listed. If I void the order then it will list as ‘canceled’ so I know that it was there but I dont seem to get any ‘Open’ orders! Have tried just a search orders with NO filtering and is still not showing! Am I missing something? Thanks. Andy

The Orders API do not know about open tickets/orders created from the POS (feature request listed here: API access for tickets). Once it’s paid for, a backend order is automatically created, so you would be able to see it via the API.

Thank you. How shortsighted of the API!!!

Hopefully Open Orders is added soon!