React JS Integration

Hi, is there a way to use Card Payments on a custom form made with React? Maybe I’m missing something on the documentation but I only found how to create payments using the API but I doesn’t say anything about using a credit card. My form is a multi-step form, I’m using react-hook-form and react-payment-inputs if it’s of any help. Thanks

:wave: With Square you can use your custom form however the inputs for the card information have to be ones that we provide and configured as per the documentation. At this time we don’t have a React Web Payments SDK. This is a very popular feature request and we hope to have more options for you soon, so thanks for your continued patience.

With Square Web Payments SDK it provides a secure buyer payment card entry method along with other secure payment methods. The SDK produces a secure one-time use payment token that your application web client sends to your backend, where it is processed as a payment with the Payments API.

I’m really confused. How is the old package deprecated before the new package has been released?

I have to upgrade my site now, but I don’t want to build it with a deprecated package only to have to update it again soon. I need a solution that is framework-agnostic as I’d like to use Preact, and I’m sure you have plenty of customers using Vue, Angular, Svelte, etc.

Yes, it is deprecated however it is still supported till a replacement is available. Once there is a suitable replacement a timeline will be given for retirement. :slightly_smiling_face: