Order with a Return has a different Timestamp from other Order Types

I’ve come across this inconsistency and am curious why this is the case:

An order that is completed without a return has a timestamp that looks like this:

‘closed_at’: ‘2021-06-05T06:06:44Z’

But an order with a return looks like this:

‘closed_at’: ‘2021-06-05T05:07:31.000Z’

(Notice the microseconds attached, before the ‘Z’)

It’s fairly easy to account for this in my code, but I’m curious why the API is not returning consistent values for timestamp across all order types. Is this a bug?



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Do you have the Square order_ids for the two different orders?

Here is the refund order with the milliseconds in the ‘closed_at’ and ‘created_at’ timestamps: ‘xfTJREzorOeSLtVOHo9rzDteV’

Pretty much any other order that is not a return doesn’t have them. This order is from the same day:


Any update on this?