New application_details object in CreatePayment response

I’m seeing a new application_details object in the response to CreatePayment API that wasn’t present last week, and is not documented.

I’m using API version 2021-06-16.

:wave: Those are the new application_details. It went out in today’s release. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m surprised that these new elements released for 2021-10-20 would appear when consuming the 2021-06-16 API’s.

Is there a way to suppress new elements that didn’t exist in the older API releases? Adding these new elements breaks my current deserialization templates. Not a major issue right now, as I’m still in development phase, but would be a huge problem for end users when their applications stop working.

At this time there isn’t a way to suppress the new elements and new field additions aren’t considered Square breaking changes. We definitely recommend that you handle new field additions gracefully. :slightly_smiling_face:

Breaking Changes:

API change Breaking change
New endpoints NO
New read-only or optional fields NO
New required fields YES
New string constant NO
Deprecation NO
Retirement YES
Rename/reshape of a field, data type, or string constant YES
Change to field validations YES
Change to field type assignment YES
Change to any HTTP status code returned by an operation YES