Negative Quanity in Inventory "ORDERED_FROM_VENDOR" State

We have a few inventory items that are returning a negative number in their “ORDERED_FROM_VENDOR” state. What situations would cause that to happen? We manage our PO’s with square’s built in Purchase Order System.

Hm, not sure why that might happen. Do you have the item_variation id that has this as an example so I can take a look to see what caused it on our side?


I think I might have figured it out.

The items was marked as not fulfilled, then added back and fullfilled…

So, I think the process is… It was added to the PO setting “Ordered_from_vendor” to 24. It was then marked as “will not fulfill” reducing “Ordered_from_vendor” to 0, then received, setting “in stock” to 24 and then reducing “Ordered_from_vendor” again by 24.

Am I on the right track?

Ah, OK good call! That definitely sounds like it would do it.

Is that expected behavior? Seems like maybe some logic on ya’ll’s end should negate the effects of it being double entered?

I’m not quite sure what is happening on our an internal operations that our receiving manager has to do this in the first place, but it would be nice if the software could detect and deter a human error.

Also, following my theory so far, I can’t figure out how we get to -48? Any additional documentation or training on how this should work would be very helpful.

Lastly, will creating a PO with with that item variation, reset the number or just adjust from the negative number? How do we get this number back to zero or positive?


I’m escalating this to the Inventory team as it does seem a bit iffy. I’ll follow up once I have more information from them. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Perfect! Thank you! :slight_smile:

@sjosey, any updates to share?

Hey @karpadiem! I’m the Engineering Manager on the Inventory team and I wanted to touch base on this issue. I’m having issues reproducing it on my end. I’ve tried doing the steps that you’ve mentioned above, but it seems when marking as “Will not be fulfilled” it correctly transitions the ORDERED_FROM_VENDOR quantity back down to 0.

Have you identified a way to reproduce this consistently?

Hi @tornquist,

That workflow is not in my usual realm of responsibilities so I’ve not monitored it closely since. However, it looks like ya’ll might have already fixed the issue on your end? My most recent calls to the API are not returning any negative numbers for the ORDERED_FROM_VENDOR field (where we used to have 10 or more varieties that did). I’ve noticed a few other inventory weirdness issues we were having have been fixed since I posted this question. I assume around the time ya’ll first released support for GTIN.

I’ll report back here if it resurfaces.

BUT, while I have the attention of someone in Inventory, are you aware that the PO system allows you to receive a sku that has been deleted? (I realize this is outside the scope of this conversation or forum but thought it was worth a shot). Do you mind if I shoot you a PM about it? It has caused lots of issues for our team and I’ve had difficulty getting the issue past tier one.

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Hey @karpadiem! Yes, we are aware of that, and the confusion and inaccuracies that it creates. I have a ticket to track fixing that internally, but sadly I don’t have an ETA on that at the moment.

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10-4! Thank you! Glad it’s on your radar! :smiley:

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