How does multiple accrual rules apply at the same time?

The loyalty program might have multiple accrual rules, how does square apply these rules durning calculation? For example: The program has two rules “spend every $10 get 1 point” and “spend every $15 get 1 point”. If the amount is $15, will both rules applied at the same time, total gain is 2 points?

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At this time, a loyalty program can only have one rule (one way to earn points). So, this scenario is impossible currently.

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Hi, has the thing changed today? I see merchant owner using multiple CATEGORY type accrual rules at the same time in one loyalty program.

The CATEGORY type supports multiple categories, but it’s still the same rule; ie you cannot have a way to earn per visit in addition to earning on a category. This same thing applies to the item type: it can contain multiple items as well.