Do I need to persist the AppId?

I am refactoring some things and while doing so came across some notes the had my AppId. I thought, oh I should encrypt that too. So I went looking for where I may have had to have used it and found it nowhere. Hmm, better revisit the API. The auth API docs say this:

The completed URL looks similar to the following example: Sign In

However, my code which works like a champ is using the Client_id where is says {YOUR_APP_ID). I have both in my notes and the are different, that is my AppId and my ClientId.

It looks to me as if I don’t need to use the AppId ever.

Which is wrong, me or the docs?


There was a time when we called the application ID the client ID for OAuth. They are the same ID which is why it still works. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like it.

Thanks a bunch.