Add the ability to set email preferences when creating a new customer


In our application, when a customer makes a payment to a merchant, we create the customer as part of the payment processing, via a call to the customers api after the payment has succeeded.

This provides the merchant access to the customer’s email address, where they are able to add the new customer to their marketing lists, etc…

There are cases where customers (understandably) do not want this, and want to opt-out of being sent marketing emails - however there is no way for the merchant to know whether they have opted in or out based on the customer information.

It would be great if the POST payload for customer creation could include email marketing preferences, to enable merchants to recognise when customers do or do not wish to receive emails from the merchant, and exclude them from marketing lists accordingly.

As an application developer this is important, as user trust is diminished if unexpected or unwelcome emails result from the usage of our application.

Thank you.