Test Scenarios

Test in Unsupported Regions

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Currently, Square APIs are only supported for accounts based in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

If you are a developer trying to build on Square APIs for a seller based in a Square-supported country, you should use the following test solutions:

  • Test eCommerce payment APIs for the account default country in the Sandbox. Use Sandbox default test account credentials to test payment-related APIs. For more information, see Test in the Sandbox.

  • Test eCommerce payment APIs for other supported countries in the Sandbox. In the Sandbox, add a test account for the location you are testing and then use Sandbox credentials for that account to test payment-related APIs.

  • Test non-payment APIs or eCommerce payment APIs in production. Ask the seller who is based in a Square-supported country to provide you with a valid application ID, personal access token, or both. Because payments must use the currency of the seller account, you should hire beta testers in a Square-supported country to test your functionality before release. The Sandbox supports testing eCommerce payment APIs in the Sandbox environment and applies all payment validation rules to simulate production payments in that location. It is no longer necessary to test payments in production code.

  • Test in-person payment APIs. Reader SDK and Point of Sale SDK are not supported in the Sandbox and Square hardware only works in Square-supported countries. Test payment requests for in-person payments in production using the CASH tender type.


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