Add NetSuite Units of Measure to your Square Account

Learn how to manually synchronize your Square units list with your NetSuite units of measure list.

The Square Bridge catalog sync pushes NetSuite item records along with associated classes and units of measure into your Square account as catalog categories and items. As Square Bridge creates a catalog item in your Square account, it looks for the Square unit of measure that matches a unit in your NetSuite account. A sync fails if a matching unit isn't found.

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Units of measure

To add a NetSuite unit of measure to your Square account, complete the following steps:

  1. In NetSuite, choose Lists, and then choose Units of Measure.

  2. For each unit, create an equivalent in your Square account.

    For more information, see Create Units and Modifiers in the Seller Dashboard.

If the NetSuite unit to be added isn't one of the preexisting units in your Square account, you need to create a custom unit of measure. In this case, take the name of the NetSuite unit as the name of your new Square unit.

An image of the Seller Dashboard with the new custom measurement unit dialog box open.

Unlike other data types, your NetSuite and Square units of measure lists aren't synchronized by Square Bridge. After you've created your Square units of measure based on your NetSuite units, you need to manually update the Square account list if any changes are made to your NetSuite list.

If the Square Bridge Integration Settings page is open while you're adding Square account units of measure, you need to refresh the Square Bridge page so that your new units are shown in the table. After refreshing the page, you can map the new units to their corresponding NetSuite units.

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