Install the Square for NetSuite SuiteApp

Installing the Square for NetSuite SuiteApp requires just a few steps. This topic describes navigating to the SuiteApp Store, finding the correct listing, and installing SuiteApp.

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To complete the installation steps, you must have one of the following:

  • Administrator role
  • SuiteApp Marketplace permission


Square previously offered a product called Square for NetSuite to enable syncing with Square Bridge. If you're using this product, you need to uninstall it before you can upgrade to the SuiteApp.

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Steps to install the Square for NetSuite SuiteApp

Complete the following steps in your NetSuite environment:

  1. On the main menu bar, choose SuiteApps.

    A screenshot showing the NetSuite Marketplace where you can choose the Square Bridge for NetSuite application.

  2. In the Search SuiteApps box, enter square.

  3. Choose Square for NetSuite.

  4. Choose Install to begin the installation process.

    A screenshot showing the Square for NetSuite landing page.

  5. Choose Install in the confirmation dialog box to confirm and install SuiteApp.

    A screenshot showing the confirmation dialog for a NetSuite installation.

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