Add Units of Measure to Square

Units of measure aren't automatically synchronized by Square Bridge. You need to create the units manually in your Square account and then map them to your Business Central units on the Square Bridge Integration Settings page (wizard step: Configure Integration).


You need to complete the units of measure mapping before attempting to sync your catalog. The integration catalog sync depends on the units you add to your Square account.

For each Business Central unit of measure in the Units of Measure table, add the same unit in Square. For information about adding units of measure to your Square account, see Create Units and Modifiers in the Seller Dashboard.

The following table shows the Square units of measure fields and their corresponding Business Central units of measure fields:

SquareBusiness Central
UnitsUnits of Measure

You can access the full Units of Measure list from any Item Card. On the Base Unit of Measure field list, choose Select from full list.

Dynamics Business Central. Base unit dialog from catalog item page.

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