Learn how to troubleshoot issues with the Square Payments extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Square Integrations: Business Central

Troubleshooting and FAQ Beta release
This is pre-release documentation for an API in public beta and is subject to change.

The following covers frequently asked questions about the Square Payments extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  1. Navigate to the Square Terminal management section of Business Central by searching for "Square Terminal".

    A graphic showing a list of three available Square terminals shown in Business Central.

  2. Choose Register New Terminal.

  3. Choose a Terminal Name that helps you identify the Square Terminal device you are using. This is useful if you have multiple Square Terminals. Choose Next.

  4. Choose a Square location to associate with the Terminal. For more information, see Manage Multiple Locations with Square. When complete, choose Next.

  5. Business Central generates a device code. Use this code to sign in to your Terminal device. When complete, the Terminal should say “Ready to take Payment”. Choose Finish. You should receive an alert that says “The Terminal Device has successfully paired!”.

  6. The new Terminal now appears in the Square Terminal list in Business Central. The device ID corresponds to the serial number, which can be found on the back of the Square Terminal device.

  7. (Optional) If you have multiple Square Terminals, follow the same steps to set up each additional Terminal. You can use a different Terminal for each location or use multiple Terminals at one location.

In Business Central, open the Terminal Card page for the device you want to modify. Switch the Skip Receipt Screen toggle to turn receipts on or off.

In Business Central, open the customer card for the desired customer. Choose Process, and then choose Link with Square Customer. This allows you to create a new customer or match an existing customer from your Square account. You can use the Email and Phone No. fields to search for existing Square customers. If there is more than one customer in your Square account that matches this data in Business Central, the customer created most recently is used.

To reauthorize your Square account, go to the Square Settings page in Business central. First, revoke the existing token by choosing Disconnect on the ribbon. The Authorization Status changes to Revoked. Next, follow the steps to authorize your Square application .

First, ensure that your Business Central tenant is authorized with your Square account. The Authorization Status on the Square Settings page should be Authorized. If payments still do not work, ensure that the payments are associated with the correct Square location. If payments still do not work, ensure that your Square account is active and capable of handling credit card processing. You can activate your Square account at https://squareup.com/activate.

To apply a specific location to the posted sales invoice, open the invoice and scroll down to the Square Invoices section. Select the desired location from the drop-down menu. Note that only locations that have already been linked are shown.

Typically, this error appears if you have authorized different Square applications or switch between the Sandbox and production environments. To solve this issue, reauthorize your application in Business Central using the appropriate application credentials. Also, check whether the customer and location you want to use are properly linked to the correct application.

To void a captured payment, choose Process, and then choose Square Payment History. Select the payment you want to void, choose Manage, and then choose Cancel Authorized.

To refund a payment, open the appropriate posted sales invoice. Choose Process, and then choose Square Payment History. Select the payment you want to refund, choose Manage, and then choose Create Payment Refund.

This means the invoice has either already been created or the posted sales invoice already has a payment associated with it. If the invoice has been created, you still can pay it by using the associated link.

If a payment was made for a posted sales invoice that was not made through Square Invoices, the outstanding Square invoice is automatically canceled and you do not need to manually cancel the invoice.

This means that your Business Central customer was not found in your Square account. Relink this customer by going to the customer card and choosing Link with Square Customer from the ribbon.

The Square Payments extension is compatible with the Essential and Premium versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central versions 17–20.

Yes, Square handles PCI compliance for all card payments made on the platform.

Webhooks might not have been properly set up. Ensure that you have completed all steps to connect Business Central to your Square account.

Webhooks might not have been properly set up. Ensure that you have completed all steps to connect Business Central to your Square account. Note that refunds only display if the initial payment was associated with a Business Central sales invoice.

At this time, cash payments cannot be translated from Business Central to Square or vice versa. If you are using a Square invoice, you can sign in to Square, open up the relevant invoice, and record a cash payment. However, this information does not integrate back into Business Central and must be manually reconciled.

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