Learn how to create a Square for Dynamics Business Central integration using Square Bridge.
Square Integrations: Business Central

Install the Square Bridge Extension Beta release
This is pre-release documentation for an API in public beta and is subject to change.

This guide shows you how to install the Square Bridge extension in before you configure Square Bridge to access your Business Central account.


You need to have D365 EXTENSION MGT permission in your production and sandbox environments to upload and deploy this extension.

For data synchronization to work, must be extended with a Square Bridge application that runs the synchronization process on the Business Central side. Square Bridge adds several custom fields to customer and journal tables to identify records that are synchronized from Square.

In this step, you install the Square Bridge application from Square as an extension in .

  1. If you have not already done so, contact your account manager on the Square Bridge team to request the extension .app file. You will receive an email from the Square Bridge team containing a SendSafely link for the file download.

  2. In Business Central, visit the Extension Management page (page=2500).

    You can also find this page through the Business Central search feature with the expanded list of roles shown.

  3. Choose Manage, and then choose Upload Extension to open the Upload And Deploy Extension dialog box.

  4. In the Select .app file box, choose the download .app file. In the Deploy to box, choose current version, and then choose the language of your choice. In the Schema Sync Mode box, choose Add, choose Accept for the disclaimer, and then choose the Deploy button.

    businesscentral.dynamics.com Update and Deploy Extension

  5. Choose Manage, choose Deployment Status (page=2508), and then choose the Square Bridge extension to view the progress of the deployment. The deployment might take several minutes.

    businesscentral.dynamics.com sandbox deploy status, page=22

    The Deployment Status page shows all versions of the Square Bridge extension that you have uploaded along with the final status of the deployment. If you have multiple versions, select the version whose status is InProgress.

After the extension deployment Status is Completed, you can open any Customer Card to see the new fields Square Reference Id, Sq Note, Sq Given Name, and Sq Family Name. These fields are given values by the integration when a customer is synced to .

Dynamics Business Central. Customer Card with custom Square Bridge fields

You can also open any of the General Journal batch entries to see the custom fields added by the Square Bridge extension.

Business Central, General journal entry with custom Square Bridge fields

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